This website started as a conversation between two friends about raising our children in what we call “uncharted territory.” We found ourselves imagining what it would have been like to be Lewis and Clark, embarking into the unknown on a journey of discovery. The world has changed so much since the 1800’s, but in many ways, it is exactly the same. With technology changing so rapidly it can be difficult to keep up with what our children are being exposed to, much less to determine the long-term effects it will have on them.

Pioneer Parenting is not about moving off the grid and living like the actual pioneers did.

Instead, we embrace technology, as we are innovators and entrepreneurs—modern-day pioneers. Like Lewis and Clark, we don’t know exactly what is on the horizon, but we do recognize there are some basic things we can do to prepare for the journey; we believe there are fundamental “survival skills” you can cultivate in your children to help them navigate the unknown territory that lies ahead.